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Licensing & Credentialing

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After receiving top-notch military training and practicing specific skills in the field, it makes little sense to send you back to school for certification in a field where you have already proven your competency. So MVAA is working to make it easier for you to quickly become licensed and/or credentialed in your areas of expertise from the military.

The State of Michigan helps veterans get established in various professions by waiving licensing fees for certain occupations and certain levels of experience.

In collaboration with Michigan lawmakers and state agencies, MVAA is working on implementing policies that will put more veterans on a fast track to credentialing and licensure. Currently, we are working on policies in healthcare, engineering and several skilled trades, for jobs like carpenter, plumber, truck driver, dental assistant, EMT and mechanic.

Additionally, we are working on identifying professions, such as dental hygienists, where you may need additional certification on top of your military training. In those instances, MVAA can provide guidance on how you can quickly obtain the required training. Furthermore, we are working on helping veterans who practice in fields such as nursing and medicine in the military to quickly become licensed to practice in Michigan.

The following websites can help service members find civilian credentials related to their military occupational specialty and gain understanding of what it takes to obtain the credentials. The site also provides information on available programs that may help pay credentialing fees.

Officers seeking credentialing information for civilian occupations can use the following U.S. Department of Labor Web sites: