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OAG report shows Grand Rapids Home for Veterans addressing material findings

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GRHV successfully closes four findings, partially compliant on one
LANSING, Mich. – A new follow-up report by the state Office of the Auditor General has found the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans has largely addressed past audit findings. The report indicates the home has resolved four of five material findings from a February 2016 audit. 

The report found GRHV has improved:

  • Member accountability and safety services
  • Administering of prescribed pharmaceuticals
  • Controls over nonnarcotic pharmaceuticals
  • Member complaint process.

The OAG indicated the home partially complied with minimum staffing levels, finding the contractors did not provide the number of nursing supervisors specified in the contracts. The home contracts with CareerStaff Unlimited and MAXIM to provide certified nursing assistants (CNA) and CNA supervisors.
“This latest report by the OAG reflects the incredible efforts of our dedicated staff at the Michigan Veteran Health System and Grand Rapids Home for Veterans to provide the best possible care to the home’s treasured members,” said MVAA Director James Robert Redford. “We are committed to increasing the quality of life of the veterans we have the privilege of serving at our state veterans homes. While we have largely addressed past audit findings, we recognize there will always be room for improvement. The agency is in the process of making changes to comply with this latest finding.”

MVAA agreed to the finding that the contractor did not meet the contractually required number of supervisors. The contracts’ number was determined based on projections, however, it was determined that the projections were more than realistically needed.
“GRHV has experienced excellent outcomes with the number of supervisors provided – a number that exceeds U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs requirements,” Redford said.

MVAA is in the process of amending the contracts to reflect a more efficient level of CNA supervisors that serves both the home’s members and Michigan taxpayers.

Other improvements to the home’s care and financial practices had already been implemented prior to the February 2016 audit. In September 2015, administration of the Grand Rapids and Marquette veterans homes was combined under the Michigan Veteran Health System. This change created efficiencies and focused on patient-centered care and obtaining certification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

MVHS is operated by a team with more than 100 years of experience in the public and private sectors.