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The Value in Hiring Veterans

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kA6220000000058CAA_en_US_1_0As an employer, you are aware that the success of your company depends on its assets. People are the greatest asset an organization can invest in, and hiring the right people will save you time and money. You can acquire valuable employees by hiring military veterans. However, many employers are unaware of how to find and hire veterans and what types of programs or policies are necessary to ensure a successful transition for their company and the veteran.

MVAA recently published Veteran Employment in Michigan: Where to Begin, a guide for employers to assist them in developing successful veteran hiring programs.

This resource book is intended to be a quick reference guide for veteran hiring and to invite employers to partner with MVAA to recruit transitioning talent to Michigan. It includes information about today's transitioning veterans, provides engagement resources and identifies available incentives that make hiring a veteran a sound investment for your organization.

Michigan Veteran Workforce Study

The Michigan Veteran Workforce Study provides general information about veterans in the state's labor market to workforce developers, educators, policymakers, employers and others interested in workforce issues. Veterans have been a popular topic in the context of the workforce, and for good reason. Veterans are nearly 9 percent of our population and play an important role in the labor market and our economy. While most veterans report a relatively strong labor market experience, there are many veterans who are struggling in the labor market. Michigan's veteran unemployment rate is higher than Michigan's overall unemployment rate. This report illustrates the issues facing Michigan and its veteran employment situation.

National Guard and Reservists

Hiring National Guard members and reservists is a great way to include high-caliber people in your company. National Guard members and reservists have a strong work ethic, are responsible and results-oriented. Additionally, these Americans are physically fit, drug-free, and have undergone a thorough vetting process and background check.