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Veteran-Friendly Employer Form

Hiring veterans is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. Veterans bring skills, an outstanding work ethic and a solid foundation of values to the workplace and become highly productive employees. By becoming a MVAA Certified Veteran- Friendly Employer, we are declaring to the veteran community that we recognize the importance of hiring veterans and we pledge to uphold the following agreement:
  • We will actively seek out veteran applicants and encourage them to seek employment with our organization.
  • We will educate our managers and supervisors on the value of hiring veterans, and provide them with the tools they need to effectively manage veteran employees.
  • We will continually recognize and support our country's veterans and their families in appreciation for their service and sacrifice to our county.

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Employer Information

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Veteran-Friendly Employer Certification Criteria

Employers must meet certain criteria for award of initial certification and must meet all stated goals and criteria within 12 months of initial certification to be elevated to the next level of certification. Initial certification will be the Bronze or Silver level, depending on stated veteran hiring goals and existing veteran hiring programs within your organization. Gold-Level certification will only be awarded to those organizations who meet all stated goals within 12 months of award of Silver certification. Please complete the appropriate checklist for certification submission:

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Please note: Attachments are optional. Documentation concerning your company’s veteran initiatives or programs may be uploaded here.



Our organization agrees that all information provided is accurate as of submission date. We agree to abide by the rules set forth by the MVAA Veteran-Friendly Employer Program, report information and data annually and provide documentation, as required. In addition, we agree to sustain certification level or withdraw from the program if our organization is unable to meet the requirements as set forth by the MVAA.

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